Since its establishment in 2002, it has been a goal of Hajdúerdő Ltd. to become one of the most determinant forestries and game cultures in the region.

Our services include forest plantation and afforestation.

 In a 4-hectare seedling and tree nursery, we grow propagation stand of forestry: English oak, seedlings of robinia, and young trees of domestic poplars (= kinds of poplars that are typical of Hungary) and improved poplars. We carry out specialised forestry management on almost 1,500 hectares; activities pertaining to forestry, on almost 2,000 hectares; and activities of game culture, on almost 4,500 hectares. Our area has small games, where you can find mainly hares and pheasants, but the stock of wild boars and roes is also significant. In the shooting season, we make use of the game stock through wage hunting. The majority of the wage hunters come from abroad, but guests from Hungary also like hunting on our area, and staying at the forester’s lodge Belsőerdő, which is a boarding house qualified with four sunflowers, in the middle of the area. In addition to group and individual hunting from a raised hide, other forms of organised hunting are also possible, such as approaching the game on a vehicle. The work of Hajdúerdő  is helped by two professional hunters. We aim to build an open-air school, which will help the local schoolchildren to learn about nature and to come to like it.