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In 1993, we established Vilmányi-Fa Limited Liability Company in order to be one of the main enterprises in the region, through the wide spectrum of our services – which ranges from growing trees in nurseries, through sylviculture to conversion of timber -, covering the entire forestry.

Following our establishment, we used to deal with haulage of timber, fitting of land, afforestation, and forest plantation. Since the beginning, our work has been assisted by our own machinery, which makes lease work also possible. Later, the scope of our activities was added – beyond the service of forestry – by sylviculture, timber trade, and conversion of timber, which means an annual quantity of 25, 000 – 30,000 m3.

 During the conversion of timber, we have prepared various selections – mainly from oak, robinia, and poplar – pertaining to the forest. Beyond the demands of home markets, we do our best to meet our foreign customers’ requirements too, by means of these selections and raw materials used in viticulture.

 Adjusting ourselves to the demands of the timber trade of the ’90-s, we built a sawmill in 1997, in which parts of pallets are produces from poplar wood, and parts of crates, from stipped logs. We have been producing furniture planks, parquet friezes, and various stakes for viticulture, from robinia and oak. The modern machinery in the sawmill ensures a large output of finished and semi-finished products manufactured at a time. Our machine stock consists of the following ones of high performance: frame saw; rip band saw machine, two-axis circular ripsaw; band saws, cross-cut rotary saws, and a complete peeling line. With the help of 45 employees, we convert around 10,000 m3 of timber a year. The efficiency of our work is helped by several sub-contractors.

 In addition to Vilmányi-Fa Ltd., in 2002, we established another Limited Liability Company, Hajdúerdő, so as to be able to carry out cultivating tree nurseries, and sylviculture as main activities. since that year,  Vilmányi-Fa Ltd. has been dealing with conversion and trade of timber only.

 By making conversion of timber a main activity, we started to produce various, one-way pallets; a quantity of approximately 150,000 pcs a year. As required, the pallets are dried or heat-treated in our accredited drying sheds.

Our aims are the meeting of market demands to an even bigger extent, the ceaseless modernisation of our machine stock, and working out more efficient methods of production.