‘Under Article 97 of Act No XXXVII./2009., the sylviculturist shall apply the authorised competent crew in the forestry, in the interest of ensuring the competency of his activities of forestry; except the sylviculturist is on the rolls of the authorised competent crew in the forestry.’ The majority of the forests of Hajdúerdő Kft. can be found in Hajdú-Bihar County. Our company carries out forestry on approximately 200 hectares, and specialised forestry management, on approximately 1,500 hectares of forest. The tasks of forestry and specialised management, counselling, as well as keeping in touch with sylviculturists are assisted by four foresters.

Szakirányitóink 2013. évi OOE Vándorgyűlésen

In 2014, our friend from work, Ferenc Komáromi, won the competition ‘Év Erdésze’ (Forester of the Year), organised on the occasion of the 145. Országos Erdészeti Vándorgyűlés (145th National Itinerary Congress on Forestry) in Sopron.

Év Erdésze (350 x 381)

Pictures: László Nagy, OEE, www.oee.hu, www.vandorgyules.hu